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Dr David Smith,

BA (Hons), MA, M.Phil, PHD, PGCE

Dr David Smith is a highly qualified and experienced educationalist based in the United Kingdom. He has four degrees in History, Economics, Politics, International Education and Leadership and is a member of the London Livery Worshipful Company of Educators.

Over a 25 year career in education, David has taught History, led academic departments, been a Housemaster, Registrar, Head of International Recruitment and Deputy Headmaster in leading UK independent schools. With experience of teaching IGCSE, A Level and IB, leading Oxbridge preparation and interviewing, David has a detailed understanding of the UK education sector and can help you to select and apply to the right school for your child. With four children who have all been to schools and universities in the UK, David can advise both professionally and as a parent having faced the same questions that you are asking about the best option for your child.

Krista Mainess

International Homestay Advisor

National Homestay Director USA

Krista Mainess, National Homestay Director, has over 25 years’ experience in managing large government departments. These
have been spread over many cities and states. She understands the need for effective communication, especially considering the distance the student is from their parents most of the time. The A+ Homestay program is the foundational support program that makes the student’s
time in school that much more effective. Krista’s leadership of the Homestay Managers is what makes the program so successful.

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